Myanmar military extends martial law after bloodiest Sunday – March 15

The number of fallen heroes in Myanmar last night as various sources reported has reached a shocking number of 148. The number of fatalities in Hlaing Tharyar reported 59 deaths, with confirmed information from hospitals.

“Boycott China” campaign has started to take place again as people are showing their disagreement with the statement that Chinese Embassy issued, people refused to purchase Chinese products.

As a result of Chinese statement, the military has imposed martial law in Hlaing Tharyar and Shwepyithar Townships and has extended for four more townships of Yangon and also urban Mandalay areas this morning. Such laws are being imposed by the military with the purpose to justify the illegal killings. Local citizens living near Bayint Naung Bridge reported that the military set fire to destroy the barricades created by civilians to prevent soldiers from entering their townships. Our beloved hometown has turned into a complete warzone full of bloodsheds and toxic fumes from burning tires and gasoline.

Despite the extreme crackdown on yesterday, residents of Hlaing Tharyar continue to show their spirits and faiths as they took to the street in large groups showing their stands. In addition, the military also ordered internet service providers (ISPs) to cut off mobile internet network nationwide, and only allowed Wi-Fi internet. Such tactics limit and slow down the information flow on Facebook, which is the major source for protestors going live or sharing situation promptly. Civilians are worried if the military were committing more crimes during the internet outrage.

Our people are being put under unknown danger every single day but we must rise above all, freedom from fear is the only fear we are fighting for.



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