Digital Strategy

Answer Myanmar’s digital strategy is currently geared towards supporting our Right to Health Campaign. Thank you for your willingness to take part in these series of actions that could make a difference to the situation on the ground in Myanmar:

Please complete steps 1-5

1. Share to Socials

Share the campaign page to your social media. (Click the button below to take you to the Right to Health Campaign Page; which you can share at the bottom of the page).

2. Download Email Template

Download the email template below and edit the red sections of the template; name, organisation etc. (Click the button below to download the template).

3. Download Email List

Download the email database links below to see a list of websites that display publicly-available email addresses for public officials and office-holders. You will need to select who you wish to email, and you should also personalise each of your emails to the specific individual you wish to write to. (When selecting who to write to, you should consider whether they are your Member of Parliament or political representative, or if they are your country’s UN mission etc.)

4. Send Emails

Before sending your emails, please ensure you’ve got the correct email address and have wrote the correct name. Then send your emails and good luck, let’s hope they don’t fall on deaf ears. Please remember to always be kind when sending emails.

5. Show Solidarity

Post a picture with the three finger salute to your social media platforms and use the hashtags #savemyanmar #answermyanmar #righttohealth to show your support for the people of Myanmar during their struggle. It is times like this when it is nice to be reminded that no one is alone, and that each and every human being matters; no matter how often it seems that policymakers and world leaders forget.

Finally, if you haven’t already

  1. Sign the petition below, and; 2. Donate to our medical equipment fundraiser.

Thank you for all of your actions!